USGS Retirees Scholarship for Hydrologic Technicians

Hydrologic Technicians enjoy a well-deserved reputation of delivering high-quality data products that meet local, state, and National needs. Praise for these employees comes from groups both internal and external to the USGS. These folks are often referred to as the "backbone" of the water program. To honor these fine folks, USGS Retirees created a scholarship program for Hydrologic Technicians

In 2018, the USGS Retirees' leadership team decided to expand the scholarship fund to also include aid for USGS Water Mission Area Hydrologic Technicians taking classes to meet the U.S. Office of Personnel Management minimal requirements to be eligible for conversion to Hydrologist..

List of recent winners

2018 winners

2019 winners (Nov 2019 Newsletter, page 9)

2020 Application. website contact: