One of the most enjoyable activities of the USGS Retirees is the reunion held every two years. Locations of the reunions are rotated among regions. About 200 retirees/spouses usually attend the reunion that typically lasts 3 days and includes a brief business meeting, interesting local tours and lots of hospitality room activities. The list of locations and dates of USGS Retirees Reunions is shown below:

     2027 Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

     2025 Tuscaloosa, AL

     2022 Tucson, AZ -- Rescheduled to 2023

     2020 (No meeting)

     2018 Twin Cities, MN

     2016 Nashville, TN

     2014 Portland, ME

     2012 Boise, ID

     2010 Denver, CO

     2008 Tampa, FL

     2006 Madison, WI

     2004 Portland, OR

     2002 San Antonio, TX

     2000 Atlanta, GA

     1998 Lancaster, PA

     1996 Asilomar, CA

     1994 Albuquerque, NM

     1992 Williamsburg, VA

     1990 Orlando, FL

     1988 Seattle, WA

     1986 Baton Rouge, LA

     1984 Denver, CO

     1982 Reston, VA Website contact: